Presenting, the best makeup brush cleanser ever!

I am so excited to be sharing my first wonderful product with you! front pic

Clean: Brush Shampoo

I am so happy that I found this makeup brush cleanser. This stuff is absolutely amazing! It is an all natural, solid, brush shampoo and comes in 2 different kinds, Goat’s Milk and Olive Oil, for all you vegans. Yet. there is no animal cruelty involved in their products and no GMO fed goats! This product is made with organic essential oils and kosher glycerin. It is so great to not have all the extra chemicals that will ultimately end up on your face. Plus, they make refreshing scents like lavender, lemon, rose & grapefruit. It also comes in unscented. I chose to buy the goat’s milk in the lavender scent. This has changed my brushes!

back pic

For example, I was going to throw away my old MAC 187 brush (yes, one of the best brushes ever) since I got a new one but decided to see what this stuff could really do. Oh boy was I surprised!


This brush has not been this white since the day I bought it, no matter what shampoo/cleanser I have used! FYI: This brush was “clean” before I used this product. It also helped to condition and separate the hairs in the brush that had become bunched together. Nothing will compare to the new 187 brush but now I can keep this one as an extra in my kit instead of tossing it in the trash!

Overall, it made all my brushes feel soft and new again. When I used them after cleaning there was no feeling of a “residue” like from some other cleansers. They also smelled like yummy lavender! This brush shampoo is really easy to use and great for giving your brushes that deep cleaning. I still use my wonderful MAC brush cleanser for quick cleaning.  Yet, I must say Clean: Brush Shampoo is the best that I have come across. Give it a try for yourself!

Link to website is in my “Links” list at the bottom of my page.

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