I have another product review for you all! Before I start, I would like to just take the time to mention that all products I write about are ones I have discovered, purchased, and used myself! I am not writing any review on behalf of a company or on products that were given to me for free endorsement. In addition, it’s great to write about things that I love but I also try to be 100% honest in my review in order to truly benefit the readers. Okay enough of that…. 🙂


I’m so happy to review this wonderful skin care line for you guys! I heard about Embryolisse through the beauty industry and was very eager to give it a try. Especially with my recent skin problems from hormones following the birth of my son, I was looking for something new and amazing, but also gentle and safe for my skin. I’m so happy that I have spent the last few months getting to know these amazing products and I don’t think I will ever stop using them!

2014-10-28 23_Fotor

I discovered their moisturizer, Lait-Crème Concentrè, also known as, 24-Hour Miracle Cream, through makeup artists in the industry. I was wondering, what is this little blue and white tube that I keep spying with the French name?! I read a couple reviews on this specific product and it seemed to be a little known secret in many artist’s kits, even though this product has won many international awards. I just had to find out for myself what the hype was about! Let’s just say I was immediately hooked! I right away purchased a second bottle so I would have one for myself and one for my kit. From there I added Eau de Beaute Rosamèlis (Flower Essence Toner), and then their Émulsion Lactèe Demaquillante (Purifying Milk Wash), to my skin care routine. I am loving all these products!

I love the Lait-Crème Concentrè for an everyday moisturizer but also as a makeup primer. I have used it on several clients and have always loved the result! The Eau de Beaute Rosamèlis is equally amazing! It is an alcohol free toner that leaves a very soft and refreshed feel to your skin. I love to spray it on cotton to tone the skin after normal cleansing. While it is also refreshing to spritz on the face anytime you would like. I’m just as pleased with the milk wash, it easily and gently removes all your makeup. It’s so gentle and natural, they even recommend it for infants. The only downside, this product is meant for dry or sensitive skin, if your skin is at all oily this is definitely not for you! It is more suitable for me as an alternative makeup remover or skin soothing wash, as opposed to an everyday cleanser.

Embryolisse laboratories has over 60 years experience in derma-cosmetics. It was started in 1950, in Paris, by a hospital dermatologist. It has since been passed down and has been a beauty secret to mothers, daughters, dermatologists and makeup artists. They are all about keeping skin healthy and beautiful, safely.

I am super excited because I just ordered two more products from their line, the Lotion Micellaire (Micellar Lotion), which is a gentle, everyday, total cleanser that removes all makeups and impurities. I think this will be a good everyday cleanser for my skin. In addition, I ordered the Crème Exfoliante (Exfolitaing Cream), which is a luxurious, but also gentle, exfoliant. I will give a review on these  products in the near future.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! xo

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