Hair Tutorial: Big & Beautiful Ponytail

Here’s a very simple and quick hairstyle for all you ladies that want to add some “oomph” to your everyday ponytail. I have shoulder length hair, so this is a simple trick to make it appear longer and more voluminous.

All you will need is a good hairspray, teasing comb, & some clear rubber bands. Also, you may use bobby pins if you need to pin up any stray hairs.Photo Jan 01, 7 35 51 PM

First, tease the entire top section of your hair. I like to start from the crown of my head when teasing and work my way to the front by taking about 1 inch sections. Spray with hairspray throughout the sections.

Photo Jan 01, 7 11 57 PM        Photo Jan 01, 7 11 27 PM

Next, make a ponytail with the top half of your hair, creating a “half-up, half-down” look.

Photo Jan 01, 7 16 45 PM

Then, take the remaining bottom section and secure into a second ponytail. Try to bring it as close as possible to the top ponytail. Smooth and spray everything.

Photo Jan 01, 7 17 45 PMPhoto Jan 01, 7 19 21 PM

Next, tease both ponytails by taking multiple sections throughout each. Tease, tease, tease & spray, spray, spray. You do not want to risk the hair falling and separating.

Photo Jan 01, 7 19 51 PM           Photo Jan 01, 7 20 30 PM

Finally, smooth down both ponytails into one fabulous, voluminous pony! Take a hand mirror and make sure it looks good from the back and sides. Anddd hairspray everything once again (and again hehe)!Photo Jan 01, 7 21 52 PM

Photo Jan 01, 7 31 33 PM (1)

I love this incredibly easy look for when I don’t have lots of time but want to create a nice style. If you are already blessed with long locks you can use this same technique with one or two ponytails.

Photo Jan 01, 7 53 57 PMPhoto Jan 01, 7 53 27 PM

Hope you enjoyed 🙂 xo

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