Video Hair Tutorial: 2 Simple UpDo’s


Ladies & Gents, here’s my very 1st video hair tutorial!

I simplified 2 updos that can be done quickly on any type of hair for a variety of occasions & events. I used zero product but I recommend using at least hairspray. You will also need a styling comb, bobby pins and clear hair bands . As I mentioned, these are super simplified techniques, feel free to add more “oomph” and dimension by taking different sections, more backcombing and styling with clip-in extensions. From everyday to fancy, the possibilities are endless!

Seeing that this is my first experience filming, please forgive the overall quality & the numerous times my arm is blocking everything hehe. I would also love to hear feedback from you guys about this video & what videos you would like to see in the future! Hope you enjoy! xo

Hair Tutorial: Big & Beautiful Ponytail

Here’s a very simple and quick hairstyle for all you ladies that want to add some “oomph” to your everyday ponytail. I have shoulder length hair, so this is a simple trick to make it appear longer and more voluminous.

All you will need is a good hairspray, teasing comb, & some clear rubber bands. Also, you may use bobby pins if you need to pin up any stray hairs.Photo Jan 01, 7 35 51 PM

First, tease the entire top section of your hair. I like to start from the crown of my head when teasing and work my way to the front by taking about 1 inch sections. Spray with hairspray throughout the sections.

Photo Jan 01, 7 11 57 PM        Photo Jan 01, 7 11 27 PM

Next, make a ponytail with the top half of your hair, creating a “half-up, half-down” look.

Photo Jan 01, 7 16 45 PM

Then, take the remaining bottom section and secure into a second ponytail. Try to bring it as close as possible to the top ponytail. Smooth and spray everything.

Photo Jan 01, 7 17 45 PMPhoto Jan 01, 7 19 21 PM

Next, tease both ponytails by taking multiple sections throughout each. Tease, tease, tease & spray, spray, spray. You do not want to risk the hair falling and separating.

Photo Jan 01, 7 19 51 PM           Photo Jan 01, 7 20 30 PM

Finally, smooth down both ponytails into one fabulous, voluminous pony! Take a hand mirror and make sure it looks good from the back and sides. Anddd hairspray everything once again (and again hehe)!Photo Jan 01, 7 21 52 PM

Photo Jan 01, 7 31 33 PM (1)

I love this incredibly easy look for when I don’t have lots of time but want to create a nice style. If you are already blessed with long locks you can use this same technique with one or two ponytails.

Photo Jan 01, 7 53 57 PMPhoto Jan 01, 7 53 27 PM

Hope you enjoyed 🙂 xo

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful holiday season as much as I am!

I apologize for slacking lately on my blog posts! Yet, I am incredibly grateful for all of you that have kept me busy & all the opportunities I’ve recently had! This has been an amazing year of growth & learning. Being a stay at home Mom while having my own business is a dream come true! I can only imagine what 2015 has in store for myself and Stephanie Anne Styles LLC! I will be updating my portfolio and doing more blog posts which will include videos, both tutorials & reviews. Don’t forget to follow and “like” me on social media so you can keep up to date. I will soon be doing a giveaway on my Facebook page, which you will not want to miss! I love when people ask me questions, give suggestions & requests. So, if there is anything you would like to see or hear from me, please let me know!

In about a week, I will begin furthering my makeup education which will once again keep me busy (and slacking on these posts hehe) but I can’t wait for all the things I will have to share and the knowledge I will gain!

I’m looking forward to a brand new year of hair, makeup & events. I will be at many expos in the DMV area this year so, stay tuned for when & where. I’m already booking for 2015 so get in while you can! Especially for my 2015 Brides, schedule your trials asap!

Always remember to be positive and present in the moment. All we have is now! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year, wishing you the very best in 2015!

xo Stephanie


I have another product review for you all! Before I start, I would like to just take the time to mention that all products I write about are ones I have discovered, purchased, and used myself! I am not writing any review on behalf of a company or on products that were given to me for free endorsement. In addition, it’s great to write about things that I love but I also try to be 100% honest in my review in order to truly benefit the readers. Okay enough of that…. 🙂


I’m so happy to review this wonderful skin care line for you guys! I heard about Embryolisse through the beauty industry and was very eager to give it a try. Especially with my recent skin problems from hormones following the birth of my son, I was looking for something new and amazing, but also gentle and safe for my skin. I’m so happy that I have spent the last few months getting to know these amazing products and I don’t think I will ever stop using them!

2014-10-28 23_Fotor

I discovered their moisturizer, Lait-Crème Concentrè, also known as, 24-Hour Miracle Cream, through makeup artists in the industry. I was wondering, what is this little blue and white tube that I keep spying with the French name?! I read a couple reviews on this specific product and it seemed to be a little known secret in many artist’s kits, even though this product has won many international awards. I just had to find out for myself what the hype was about! Let’s just say I was immediately hooked! I right away purchased a second bottle so I would have one for myself and one for my kit. From there I added Eau de Beaute Rosamèlis (Flower Essence Toner), and then their Émulsion Lactèe Demaquillante (Purifying Milk Wash), to my skin care routine. I am loving all these products!

I love the Lait-Crème Concentrè for an everyday moisturizer but also as a makeup primer. I have used it on several clients and have always loved the result! The Eau de Beaute Rosamèlis is equally amazing! It is an alcohol free toner that leaves a very soft and refreshed feel to your skin. I love to spray it on cotton to tone the skin after normal cleansing. While it is also refreshing to spritz on the face anytime you would like. I’m just as pleased with the milk wash, it easily and gently removes all your makeup. It’s so gentle and natural, they even recommend it for infants. The only downside, this product is meant for dry or sensitive skin, if your skin is at all oily this is definitely not for you! It is more suitable for me as an alternative makeup remover or skin soothing wash, as opposed to an everyday cleanser.

Embryolisse laboratories has over 60 years experience in derma-cosmetics. It was started in 1950, in Paris, by a hospital dermatologist. It has since been passed down and has been a beauty secret to mothers, daughters, dermatologists and makeup artists. They are all about keeping skin healthy and beautiful, safely.

I am super excited because I just ordered two more products from their line, the Lotion Micellaire (Micellar Lotion), which is a gentle, everyday, total cleanser that removes all makeups and impurities. I think this will be a good everyday cleanser for my skin. In addition, I ordered the Crème Exfoliante (Exfolitaing Cream), which is a luxurious, but also gentle, exfoliant. I will give a review on these  products in the near future.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! xo

10 Things Your Cosmetologist Wants You To Know!

Hi Dolls! I wanted to share some things I have learned and experienced so far as a cosmetologist & more specifically a hair stylist.

Most of these are things that I wish I could say to a client but I can’t, or I relay in a very sweet & polite manner. This is all for educational purposes and slight humor, no negativity intended. 🙂


Image: Pinterest

 10 Things Your Cosmetologist Wants You To Know

 1. Just because you find a picture of what you want your hair to look like doesn’t mean that YOUR hair can look like that….

Pinterest and the internet is a hair stylist’s best friend and worst enemy. It’s great to find ideas for hair, along with makeup, but unfortunately these ideas aren’t always realistic. That picture of the blonde with the beautiful, voluminous textured updo with the thick french braid across the front of her head is NOT going to look the same on your shoulder length, fine, brunette hair. Yes, there are things we can do to get it there, such as adding extensions, but lets be real with your expectations. Most of these elaborate styles you see online & in pictures are done on models with large amounts of certain hair for this exact reason. Make sure to understand that the same style looks different on everyone! Try to find a style that is possible on your hair type so you are not disappointed when you sit in your stylists chair.

2. If you spend a lot of money on getting your hair cut & colored but buy cheap hair products, you are sabotaging your efforts….

Okay ladies, you can’t go spend $150+ for cut & color then turn around and use your 99 cent Suave. (Yes, I saw a bottle of Suave shampoo the other day for 99 cents) Then, you are left wondering why your hair never looks the way it does when you leave the salon! The way you take care of your hair and the products you use can change everything! They are not called “professional salon products” for no reason. Your stylist is using them because they are the best for your hair and that is partially how they achieve the amazing results that you leave with every 4-6 weeks. Using proper professional products can even save you money in the long run, it can help keep color lasting longer, meaning less frequent trips to your stylist. Using the same products your stylist does and using their styling tips can help you achieve that “fresh out of the salon” look on a daily basis.

3. Similar to #2, Do not buy professional salon products at the grocery store, drug store or anywhere besides a salon….

It really surprises me that people are not completely confused and turned away when they see Paul Mitchell and other professional products at Target or the grocery store! These professional products are only sold to salons and then you don’t think twice when it’s sitting a few aisles away from dog food. I promise you, what you are buying is not the actual product, or well it may have been before. After sitting for years kept by “gray market” buyers who bought them from legitimate distributors, they are no longer the product that they originally were. This is all done so the products can’t be tracked, this whole process is called “diversion”. I’ve even heard of bottles being “filled” with entirely different products (if you can even call it a product at that point) just to make money.  I really could go on and on, but I won’t. As a licensed professional, I feel horrible and sightly embarrassed for all of those that clear the shelves at CVS with their new Matrix hairspray. You really should have just bought the real thing from your salon!

4. I can’t tell you how YOU want your hair if you show me 5 pictures of completely different styles, I proceed to try them all successfully, and then you still want me to tell you what I like because I am the professional…

Yes, cosmetology is my profession. It would only make sense that clients would want my input and/or opinion on how they should wear their hair. Yet, I can’t tell you what makes you happy and what it is you are looking for. Make sure you are also relaying exactly what you are liking about each style idea you give your stylist. If all styles, opinions and inputs have been exhausted and you are still confused, you may have to think about why you are even in my chair. One thing I have accepted as a cosmetologist is that there are some people that you just can’t make happy!

 5. Every artist needs a good canvas…

Even if I am using the best professional hair & makeup products, which DOES make a difference, it won’t matter in the end if the “canvas” is poor quality. Beauty starts from the inside out. It’s important to take care of yourself and it will show on the outside. Yes, I do understand that we all have that “time of the month” where we feel like our skin literally hates us! Regardless, drink plenty of water and try to eat right, it will do wonders for your skin & hair, also for the overall way that you feel!

 6. You get what you pay for…

It’s been proven time and time again; you get what you pay for. This can be interpreted in so many ways but really when it comes to beauty, you get EXACTLY what you pay for. Most people want to take the cheap route when it comes to hair & makeup services. They think “Hey, Judy from next door said she can do my makeup for free, it will be the exact same thing!” Well, no, it won’t be. Believe me, this will only cost you more in the end especially if it is for a special event or if you have to pay for a professional to fix a horrible mistake. All while you were trying to avoid paying the professional in the first place! When you use a licensed & experienced professional you can be sure that they are using the best products to meet your exact needs and also know what is right for you and for photography purposes. You are paying for knowledge, experience, convenience, sanitation, professional products and an amazing result! Don’t take the cheap way out then wonder why you did not get what you were looking for. I promise, “Judy from next door” will not even get close to that amazing picture you just pinned on your Pinterest board.

7. No, I’m sorry, I can’t “give you a deal” because of who you know that knows me….

We all know those people that think they can get something for free. Yes, I have done plenty of “free” work that has gotten me where I am in my career. Yet, these “free” jobs did not involve haircuts & colors for friends of a friend or doing makeup for your big party because it will be “fun”. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE what I do and easily have sympathy for others but not when it comes to my profession. I paid good money to go to school, took the time to get my education, studied and received proper certification and licenses (which I can’t even say this for some of the stylists I know), just the same as any other working professional. I’m not sure why cosmetology is seen less valuable by some when it is in such high demand. I’ll put it this way, you wouldn’t go to the dentist or to the mechanic and expect free services, so why would you expect them from me? I’m sorry, that is just not the way this works and I will leave it at that. Make sure to appreciate your hair & makeup artist!

8. “My hair won’t grow any longer than this…” You’re right, it won’t because it is broken, color damaged and being abused with 450 degree hot tools every single day….

Ladies, hot tools (most of them) have a temperature setting for a reason! Not all textures of hair require you to use them at their top temperature. If you are flat ironing or curling your fine hair at max. temp, all while not getting it trimmed and putting chemicals on it, well…it is not going to grow! (Same goes for any hair type wether you are trying to grow it or not) Then, you go to your stylist searching for a magical answer all while having 1 million layers (trust me, that’s what it seems like to your stylist) because your hair is breaking off instead of growing. I recommend starting around low-medium heat and working your way up from there. No matter what texture hair you have it is best to always give it a break from heat every few days and use a heat protecting product especially if your hot tool does not have a temperature selection. Oh, and don’t forget to deep condition and clarify, build up on your scalp can clog hair follicles and negatively affect your lovely locks.

9. Box Color………………………..

I’m really not even going to get started on box color, we would be here all day! Please, I beg of you, DO NOT use box color! I repeat, DO NOT use box color! You will thank me in the end. Refer to #6 if you have any confusion.

10. Don’t be so hard on yourself….

I find it very interesting how people come to get their hair done (or I go to them) and all they do is criticize everything about themselves. “My forehead is huge”, “Can you put my hair like this so my head doesn’t look so small?”, “I can’t wear my hair like that, my ears stick out”, “I need a facelift, can you make my hair fall in my face to hide it?”. I’ve heard so many countless comments during all my consultations that have nothing to do with hair! Ladies, you need to learn to love yourselves! The only one focused on your “flaws” is you! Also, most of them we make up in our minds. There is nothing more attractive then a confident person! When you are confident you are literally wearing it for the world to see. So next time you go to get your hair done, focus on the amazing new style you will have while still going with something that suits you and your personality. Change is great and theres nothing better than a new hairstyle, but there is truly nothing more empowering than confidence, that is what makes the best hairstyles exactly what they are!

Presenting, the best makeup brush cleanser ever!

I am so excited to be sharing my first wonderful product with you! front pic

Clean: Brush Shampoo

I am so happy that I found this makeup brush cleanser. This stuff is absolutely amazing! It is an all natural, solid, brush shampoo and comes in 2 different kinds, Goat’s Milk and Olive Oil, for all you vegans. Yet. there is no animal cruelty involved in their products and no GMO fed goats! This product is made with organic essential oils and kosher glycerin. It is so great to not have all the extra chemicals that will ultimately end up on your face. Plus, they make refreshing scents like lavender, lemon, rose & grapefruit. It also comes in unscented. I chose to buy the goat’s milk in the lavender scent. This has changed my brushes!

back pic

For example, I was going to throw away my old MAC 187 brush (yes, one of the best brushes ever) since I got a new one but decided to see what this stuff could really do. Oh boy was I surprised!


This brush has not been this white since the day I bought it, no matter what shampoo/cleanser I have used! FYI: This brush was “clean” before I used this product. It also helped to condition and separate the hairs in the brush that had become bunched together. Nothing will compare to the new 187 brush but now I can keep this one as an extra in my kit instead of tossing it in the trash!

Overall, it made all my brushes feel soft and new again. When I used them after cleaning there was no feeling of a “residue” like from some other cleansers. They also smelled like yummy lavender! This brush shampoo is really easy to use and great for giving your brushes that deep cleaning. I still use my wonderful MAC brush cleanser for quick cleaning.  Yet, I must say Clean: Brush Shampoo is the best that I have come across. Give it a try for yourself!

Link to website is in my “Links” list at the bottom of my page.


Hello everyone! I am very excited about my first post on my website & blog!

If you don’t know it already…I am a licensed cosmetologist that is here to share my creativity with you! You can keep up with all of my hair and makeup work, current trends, my favorite (and not so favorite) products and way more! Besides being a cosmetologist, my greatest passion is being a Mom. I will also be incorporating this into my blog for all you beautiful moms out there.

All in all, I am looking to motivate and inspire! I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for a product review!

xo Stephanie